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Exede Internet

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Exede is a satellite-based Internet service. Four packages are available. To request an application, contact or call 1-800-321-3520.

Liberty Packages
Wondering if the liberty package is better for you than a classic package? If you and your family mostly use the internet during the day, especially before 5 PM, you'll likely benefit from our Liberty Plans. If you and your family use the internet a lot at all hours of the day and night, the Liberty Plan should improve your overall experience compared to our older Exede plans.

With a traditional data plan, your plan has a strict data allowance (sometimes called a "data cap") every month. Once you've used up all of your data, your service will be restricted, with very slow speeds if you do not buy more data. With the Libery Plan, if you use all of your priority data, you can continue to use the service at slower speeds that should still be fast enough to do most of what you want to do online.

If you are want to cut the cord from satellite internet or stream all of your TV viewing, Exede Classic and Liberty packages are not for you. However, it works for the occasional movie streaming.


Classic Packages:
10 GB

  • 12 Mbps download and up to 3 Mbps upload
  • Great for staying connected with family and friends via e-mail, social media, video chats or just browsing
  • $54.99/month

15 GB

  • 12 Mbps download and up to 3 Mbps upload
  • Everything in the 10GB plan, plus good for connecting families with multiple users.
  • $79.99/month

25 GB

  • 12 Mbps download and up to 3 Mbps upload
  • Everything in the 15 GB plan, plus enjoy movies, share larger number of photos and uploading files.
  • $129.99/month

Excede service requires a 24-month contract. The cost of the dish with installation is $49, plus tax. 

Use the tool below to help you decide what gigabyte size package is best for you. Punch in your number of monthly e-mails, movies web browsing, video chat, file downloads, streaming music, streaming video and social media. The tool will show you the total B and then ick your package accordingly.

What can you do with 1 Gigabyte (GB)?

  • Plain text e-mails 29,257 messages 
  • E-mails with attachments 5,120 messages 
  • Web surfing 3,413 pages 
  • Digital photos 1,024 images 
  • YouTube streaming 353 minutes 
  • MP3 music 256 downloads 
  • Online gaming 34 hours 
  • Standard definition video 150 minutes 
  • High definition video 10 minutes

Source: Comcast

What happens if I exceed my monthly data allowance?

Monthly, with the classic Exede packages, your data allowance will be reset to zero and goes up from there. If you use up your monthly data allowance before the reset date (date installed), your service will be slowed until the monthly reset date. You can then buy 1 gigabyte more of data for $9.99 online. Otherwise, you can always upgrade to a higher data plan. No charge exists to switch between service packages. Just call us during business hours. 

All classic packages will receive unlimited, unmetered usage during the Late Night Free Zone. Late Night Free Zone runs from midnight to 5 AM. During these time periods the meter isn't running and your usage doesn't count toward your monthly allowance. When you're in the zone, this is your hall pass to enjoy as much data as you can eat!

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